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A neon sign that reads: 'Golden Fried Chicken Fingers'
Guthrie's Chicken- Creators of the Original Chicken Finger Box and signature sauce. In 1982, Hal Guthrie invented the Original Chicken Finger Box. A photo of Guthrie's Original Chicken Finger Box
A photo of Guthrie's delicious Golden Fried Chicken Fingers

Golden Fried Chicken Fingers

A photo of Guthrie's delicious Golden Fried Chicken Fingers

Make no mistake, these are the Golden Fried Standard of all Chicken Fingers. We are the original chicken finger specialists and you will taste the difference 50 plus years makes from the first bite. We never compromise on the high quality and strict standards of our chicken tenderloins and we still serve it with the same special blend of spices we did in 1965. There are two types of chicken fingers: Guthrie's Chicken Fingers and all the rest.


A photo of Guthrie's delicious sauce

Guthrie's Signature Sauce began unlike most sauces. When founder Hal Guthrie made the decision to serve only chicken fingers, he didn't go to a chef to create the sauce. He went to his younger children, Hud, Joe Kelley, and Anna Margaret. They mixed ingredients and created a variety of experimental sauces, but Hud came out the winner. The moment Hal tasted the sauce Hud had created, he knew it was destined to be famous. And he was right!


A photo of Guthrie's delicious fries

Our fries are an American Classic. Each crinkle fry is thick-cut and made to order from only the freshest potatoes. They are perfect on their own- don't tell them any different. But pair them with a Guthrie's box, snack or sandwich and you're headed for a meal that can't be topped!

Cole Slaw

A photo of Guthrie's delicious cole slaw

Our creamy cole slaw is a homemade recipe so you know its made with love. Like a breeze in the summer, it pairs perfectly with our made to order Golden Fried Chicken Finger Box. We only serve our cole slaw with freshest ingredients mixed on the spot for your meal to ensure it is as crispy and creamy as it can be.

Texas Toast

A photo of Guthrie's delicious cole slaw

Our Texas Toast is made to order. Every piece of our thick cut bread gets treated to our very own delicious recipe of butter on both sides. Then the toast is placed on the griddle and cooked until it is a mouth watering shade of crispy gold while the inside stays flaky and ready to eat.